The 14th Bridport Literary Festival welcomes all those who read books and love literature.

BridLit goes from strength to strength and our programme of events this year has increased substantially to attract even bigger audiences of all tastes and all ages who come to Bridport from all over the country to enjoy literature.

Event 18. Tim Pears at the Bull Hotel on Wednesday 07 November 2:30pm


Bridport Literary Festival 2018

A West Country Trilogy

Tim Pears in conversation with James Crowden

Date & Time: Wednesday 07 November at 2:30pm

Venue: The Bull Hotel Ballroom, East Street, Bridport DT6 3LF

Tickets: £10.00

Tickets are non refundable

Prize-winning author, Tim Pears has achieved an extraordinary feat of story-telling with his three novels which make up the West Country Trilogy. Readers will be taken on a journey from the agricultural world at the turn of the century in The Horsemen through the devastation and upheaval of WWI – an event that will change the lives of everyone – in The Wanderers – to the final resolution to the Trilogy – The Redeemed to be published in early 2019.